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Hello, we are Version Zero, a Brazilian game developer founded in August 2011. With its beginning in college, we created and produced with extreme quality the board game called “Caça aos Mitos”, winner of prizes and gaining prominence in the media.

Since then, we have been working in partnership with large companies in the production of digital games for training and educational processes, among them “Regionalismo”, for the educational nucleus of the Museum of the Portuguese Language.

Now focused on copyright games, we are working on some games for mobile devices in parallel to our single biggest project, “Caça aos Mitos: O Mistério da Cidade de Mariana”.


Game cover O Caçador de Mitos

O Caçador de Mitos

Take on the role of the Mythbusters in this thrilling free thriller story and discover the mystery surrounding the emergence of dangerous creatures from Brazilian folklore.
Caça aos Mitos: O Mistério da Cidade de Mariana game logo

Caça aos Mitos: O Mistério da Cidade de Mariana

Under development
Caça aos Mitos: O Mistério da Cidade de Mariana is a game in 1st / 3rd person of the psychological horror genre that involves real and fictional facts about legends and mysteries of a small town in the interior of Minas Gerais.
Game cover Regionalismo


The Regionality in Brazil is very differentiated. Due to the fact that the settlement of Brazil occurred in distinct and distant regions, the cultural trait of each region influenced the development of Portuguese throughout history. With this in mind, the educational center of the Museum of the Portuguese Language presents the Regionalism game, the first digital gaming experience of the nucleus.


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